Relaxing with the twists and turns

Relaxing with the twists and turns

I was inspired to start cycling when we moved house to a quieter, less busy neighborhood. I wanted to start exploring the area so I got my bike out. I used to just cycle up and down the street. Then I met some people that would go on to be great friends. We kept meeting up and bicycles and roamed the area feeling super grown up!

Then they moved and I started to explore more of the backroads on my own. Just me, my bicycle and my thoughts.

Since I started cycling its true to say the it's really helped me. Finding new places, meeting new people and forgetting worries for a short period of time while I'm on my bike.


Basil on his bike


It's not without it's challenges - at least to me. I struggled to find things I needed to prepare my bike for rising - my bike pump, the oil for my chain, the tool to adjust the seat. I've actually become much more organised as a person as I now make sure it's all in one place so it is easy to get to when I need it. Eventually you get tired of running around the house looking for the 4th bicycle pump you've bought in the last 2 weeks!

My favourite place to ride is around the neighbourhood near my house. There are loads of trees, the roads are quiet and there are so many twists, turns and small alleyways to go through. It helps me forget about any problems I may be having during the day for an hour and just relax a bit. And it's decent exercise.

In fact I would say that cycling has played a huge role in having a more relaxed mind which I had always struggled with. 

A little piece of advice

Start small going through the closest few roads near your house and then keep going. Further and further. You never know what you’ll find or who you’ll meet - so get out there and explore.