Early Winter Gloves reviewed by Jo Billings Early Winter Gloves reviewed by Jo Billings

I have had the good fortune of trying out the Early Winter gloves this autumn and early winter. They are a simple but elegant design, black with an understated logo, so look good with all the rest of your kit. But do they actually work? 


They have a small amount of padding in the heel of the hand which was perfect for my road bike and extra grip across the palm and first two fingers which helped with dexterity. I was able to use my touch screen Garmin whilst wearing the gloves without any problems, but did have to take them off to use the touch screen on my phone. They have softer material on the back of both thumbs which is perfect for wiping glasses. And cold winter noses! early winter gloves on

The gloves are very well insulated without being bulky and have excellent wind proofing. They have stood up well to light showers on October and November rides so far, and been washed several times with no signs of wear and tear so far. They have quite a long, soft cuff, which fits easily under or over jacket sleeves to keep any chills out. Perhaps the best evidence of how good these gloves are is that I always complain about the cold and I haven’t moaned once about cold hands since using these gloves! They have become my go to glove for all but the coldest of winter days.


And the final scores: 

  • Design = 4 
  • Quality (material) = 5
  • Sturdiness (will it take the rigger of riding) = 5
  • Usefulness = 5
  • Gift worthy = 5



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