Pursu Energy Bars for cyclists

Pursu Energy Bars for cyclists

This weekend I tried two of Pursu's flavours on a ride; sour cherry and banana endurance. The sour cherry is delicious and my preferred bar. If you prefer a slightly sweeter flavour the banana may be for you. Or if you're after something all together different they have a beetroot version too.

The great thing about these bars is that, unlike most of the bars energy bars out there, especially the one's I've tried for "cyclists", they aren't stodgy or chalky in texture so they're not difficult to chew whilst moving, which means you don't have to stop to eat them whilst also consuming all your water to force them down your throat.

Pursu energy bars - coming to Gallivant.bike in 2020

As well as being really visually appealing, the packaging rips easily, which means no fumbling around with the packaging to get them out.

And here is what I think is the best bit, as well as tasting great, the packaging is crafted from bio-based materials, making it completely compostable. Whatttt? Why isn't everyone doing this???

Pursu are a single-use plastic free brand. Their bars have no added sugars or syrups, are 100% natural and vegan friendly too. Packing enough good energy to get you where you're going it's hard to find a downside to these bars really!

Oh, and I'm reliably informed by my other half that the Banana flavour goes really well with cup of coffee too!



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We will be stocking Pursu bars from early 2020. 

If you want to try that Coffee and Banana combo, we will also soon be stocking Tiki Tonge Coffee