Rate my MATE bike

Rate my MATE bike

I travelled down by train to Woolwich in South West London, to see the guys at Mate Bike to take delivery (albeit sadly all too briefly) of a 250W Mate Bike X. If you don’t know Mate Bike, just check out the Brand Page on Gallivant and familiarise yourself with this Danish start-up success story

As this bike is a high value bit of kit make sure you take a good strong lock with a long reach to get round the Mate Bike’s substantial

Where I went with my Mate bike


The first thing you notice when you take delivery of the Mate Bike its distinctive look; the chunky frame, the fat tyres and the upright positioning. It is robust, chunky and unsurprisingly it is heavy. The thing weighs in at 30kg. It almost feels like you’re on a motorbike – which personally I really enjoyed! After a quick explanation of the controls and a handover of the keys (I told you it was like a motorbike) I was on my own. I’ve not ridden many e-bikes, so I was very excited. I set off and immediately I was made aware of how solid this machine is and how powerful it feels.

After half an hour or so it dawns on me how much attention the bike gets. Assuming it wasn’t me who was the object of desire, this bike certainly attracts admiring looks. They didn’t need to know that unfortunately I was only borrowing it. So, if you like being given the opportunity to feel a little smug whilst on your bike ride then this is the one for you.

I took mine onto the train at Blackfriars, which fortunately had a lift. Fortunately, it was the middle of the day, so the carriage was pretty much empty, giving me plenty of time to get the bike on and off the train. However, when I got off at Radlett, I took it up and down the stairs, and this was hard work. Secondly, even though it folds along the centre section, the handlebar folds down and even with the pedals retracted, it still takes up a chunk of space in the back of a car or at home. As a commuter bike, there a probably better options, such as the Mate City, which is still a big bike but smaller than the X. If however your main gripe on the way to work (or for leisure purposes) are potholes and poor surfaces, then it’s worth consideration. I distinctly remember approaching some cobblestones in Greenwich and preparing my pelvic floor and hands for a battering, as happens on the road bike, but the Mate Bike just took all the vibration away.

In summary: the Mate X is a good-looking eyeball magnet of a bike, smooth on pretty much any surface, with lots of great features and if you’ve got the budget and you’re unconcerned about size and weight then this is could well be the bike for you.



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