Alex Chart - 1 week to go until the Tour!

Alex Chart - 1 week to go until the Tour!

Just time after the chaos to walk, swim, relax and get ready!


After two weeks of what can only be described as chaos (traveling multiple time zones with work, receiving a new bike not in the manner planned, packing, training, tying up loose ends and negotiating family dramas…) I am finally feeling a little more calm!



Training has had to take a back seat, partly by way of taper partly by way of time restrictions. With one week to go the focus is on keeping heathly, there are no fitness gains to be made at this stage. 


If you had asked me how I felt 24 hours ago the answer would have been; stressed, nervous, anxious and doubtful I can succeed at the challenge ahead. 24 hours later, arrival to a pool on the Imalfi coast with a few hours of sunshine banked I feel a whole lot calmer!


Focus on why we are doing this has returned, and I feel so lucky to be in a position to even start the challenge and with such wonderful support all around me.

 Alex on one of her final training pedals!

The training had to take a back seat for a while

My bags are packed, my bike has arrived in Brussels already thanks to our wonderful bike logistics company, and the training is banked. 


There is little more I can do now but to rest, practice some Pilates and go for some long walks and swims. I have a week in Italy with family for my mum’s birthday celebrations, and I plan to bank hours of sleep and vitamin D to prepare for what is ahead. Oh, and sample the local food specialties of course!!


About Alex Chart

Alex is part of the InternationElles; an all female team of 10 amateur riders from around the world who will be riding all 21 stages of the Tour de France on the 5th of July, just one day before the men. They want to bring attention to the inequality of the fact their is no women's tour at all! They are also aiming to inspire more women and girls to cycle.



🚲You can follow the progress of these amazing women on the Gallivant website, our Facebook page and by visiting the InternationElles website here


👕 We have created a special limited edition yellow tshirt in collaboration with the InternationElles called "Roam Further" to support their adventure. All the profits from the sale of the tshirts will go toward the InternationElles tour costs. Check it out here


Limited edition Roam Further tshirt