Commuting in Crappy Weather

Commuting in Crappy Weather

Keep yourself safe, seen and dry on your way to work


7 commuting MUSTS from our brand partners Phew Cycling.

We spoke to Andy Sexton from Phew to find out his best commuting tips:

Riding to work is ace. You will keep fit, be refreshed mentally and less likely to annoy your colleagues, and avoid the annoying crush at the station (or traffic jam in the car). BUT many people are nervous to take the plunge and to start… are some tips that we use to keep you safe.


1. Be seen. Please! You don't need to look like a day-glow lollipop lady. There are brilliant reflective and innovative reflective products out there like ReflecToes who use your motion to make you even more visible

2. Get a helmet and get some lights... and use them! But they are so easy to forget we hear you cry. It would be easier if there was just one thing to remember right. Torch make great helmets that are helmet, front and back light in one.

3. Look drivers in the eye - if they look at you and look at your face you know they have seen you. For this reason I don't wear mirrored glasses. 

4. For goodness sake NEVER ride up the inside of buses and lorries. If you find yourself trapped, Stop, Let the traffic pass you or get up onto the pavement and get out of the way. It’s just not worth the risk. Again high viz and reflection is absolutely key being seen here. Glow make really beautiful reflective snoods and hats.

5. Obey the traffic lights. One of the ways to help our roads get safer is to obey the rules so that drivers don't get annoyed. We’ve all seen them - one light-running idiot ruins the ride for the rest of us.

6. Learn to look after your bike, or find someone to look after it for you - especially the brakes and tyres.

7. Keep your bum dry - you will get wetter from the road than from the sky so get some mud guards. If you are not going to have time to change clothes look at Dry Patch too - they'll make sure you arrive to work with a bone dry bum 


    Get on your bike, and ride to work. You won’t regret it!