Why not charge to Work on an eBike

Why not charge to Work on an eBike

Why eBikes could be the future of commuting on 2 wheels?


So you’re pondering whether or not to get on 2 wheels but the idea of pedalling sounds like terribly hard work, and the mere thought of a motorcycle scares you just a little more than it excites you.

Before you banish the thought for another year, to lie beside other radical ideas like the time you almost bought tickets to the Turner exhibition at the Tate Modern, Stop! There is a bike for you, and its name starts with an E.

There is an eBike for everyone. Whether you want to try and fool fellow commuters on 2 wheels into thinking you are pedalling a “normal” bike or you want to fulfil some form of SyFy based fantasy, there’s a model and make for you.

The way eBikes work is by assisting your pedaling

Right now, as we have this fairly one sided conversation, the good folk of Amsterdam, are purchasing eBikes like they are going of style, which is ironic. 1 in 4 new bike purchases in Holland are eBikes... and these people know their bikes. The good people of the Netherlands even an official certification for helmets made especially for eBikes (NEN certification scheme NCS 8776  -  because you’ll only ask later).

eBikes are perfect for commuting from areas within 15 miles of London. Let's be really honest, not everyone will enjoy commuting from further than a few miles anyway. With a fully charged battery you'll get around 30 miles and many batteries can be charged under your desk at work these days

In the UK the only real legislation of note on ebikes is that, unlike Ireland, you do not need any kind of license and ebikes sold here are limited to 15.5mph, so you won't be flashed by any speed cameras on your way in to work.

Here are a couple of options to get you started

⚡ - Swytch

⚡ - E-Joe

🚲 So, should you buy an eBike? 

In short, why not? They give you all the freedom of 2 wheels with less of the huff and puff. And you’ll be able to look at bus, train and car commuters with smug disdain as you float past them. 

Yes! the morning you cruise in to work on your ebike will be the morning you use the cup that says “I’m the boss”, not Rachel from Human Resources. And that’s a win!