Getting Your Kids On Bikes

Getting Your Kids On Bikes

Have Kids. Will Cycle.


Can you remember the first time you rode a bike? Were you excited or terrified?


Get them cycling as young as possible, because there is nothing better than heading out for a ride with your whole family, it’s best to get kids started as early as possible. Generally, children are ready to start cycling at around 3.5 to 4 years old. But you will be able to tell pretty quickly.


So here are Gallivant’s top tips for getting your young ones cycling.


  • We try never to use stabilizers as it’s so much quicker to get them going without. In fact going from a good balance bike to a bicycle without stabilizers is the best process.
  • Find a nice bit of flat tarmac without traffic near by where your child can get some momentum going. If tarmac is not an option then try a flat area of well mown grass. Top tip: do not get seduced by the local grassy hill. This way lies crashes and tears due to total lack of control!
  • Long sleeves and trousers will help protect from scrapes and make sure they wear a helmet. See out guide to helmet sizing hear
  • Set up the bike so that the balls of the feet can reach the ground. If you set the saddle too low or too high, pedalling and steering are tricky and this will reduce your child’s confidence
  • When supporting your child's first attempts, try to stand straight and support them under the armpits - you’ll find this drastically reduces the back ache the following morning.
  • If your child is ready they will be pedalling and finding their balance within 30 minutes but this really varies - practice little and often!
  • Celebrate small successes and don’t castigate failure. Any amount of negativity can have a profound effect on their relationship with cycling at this stage.
  • If they haven’t got it in 30 mins, to avoid going mad, just stop and try again next weekend.
  • Once they have nailed it… open a chilled bottle of wine and eulogize about your legendary cycle training techniques to anyone that will listen.


🚲 Cycling together as a family means experiencing new trails and sites together, encouraging family bonding and creating family memories that last a lifetime. 


Get the kit: Make sure your little cyclist is safe and seen 

💡 Stay warm and seen with a Glow kids reflective snood

💡 They can make their bike and helmet (and you) glow themselves with ReflecToes ultra reflective stickers

💡 Use a bag that actually increases visibility with the Dry Patch Foldaway Backpack