7 Practical cycling gifts for your friends and loved ones this Christmas

7 Practical cycling gifts for your friends and loved ones this Christmas

It's that time of the year again, where we frantically scramble to buy gifts for our friends and loved ones.

Ah, don't you love the joy of not having the slightest clue what to buy someone for Christmas? No, us neither... but, if that someone you're struggling to buy for is interested in cycling, these 7 practical gifts may be the answer you're looking for. 

The Foldaway Backpack


The Foldaway Backpack
The Foldaway Backpack is practicality defined. The small, foldaway backpack has a capacity of 18l, and is made for cyclists. The backpack is woven from highly durable, waterproof and reflective materials offering superior comfort and support to carry a variety of goods on your journey; and lets be honest, we've all been caught out without a bag when we've needed on at some point or another...

Available from Gallivant

Crank Brothers Multi-Tool for Bikes

Crank Brothers Multi Tool
It's more than likely that if you're buying for someone who's into cycling, they already have a vast array of tools and accessories at their disposal. The question is, do they have one of these nifty little multi tools? Look multi tools can be hit and miss, but a solid multi tool could be a life saver to a cyclist in need and is compact enough to carry at all times. 

Available from Amazon

ByCyclogical Gripster


The Gripster by Cylogical is an innovative alternative to a conventional bike rack, and is perfect for that someone in your life who may be at university, or limited for outside space. The Gripster, which measures at only 7cm across, provides users with a sturdy and practical tool which protects both the bike and surrounding walls from the scuffs, marks and scratches which can easily appear when guiding a bike down a narrow space. The Gripster secures the bike at the handlebar against the wall in a way so that it avoids any direct contact. A pretty nifty stocking filler if you ask us...

Available from Amazon

BTR Deluxe Bike Bag and Phone Holder

BTR Bike Bag

Look, there aren't too many cyclists out there who will say they wouldnt like additional storage on their bike; particularly when commuting. Which is what makes the BTR deluxe bike bag and Mobile phone holder an excellent gift idea. The bag, which is made from a high quality, water resistant and reflective material, and has a transparent PVC phone pocket which is compatible with touchscreens, allowing users to control functions such as their GPS or similar. The storage space is perfect for everyday essentials such as a wallet, purse and keys, and comes with a host of features including a headphone outlet, elasticated straps for securing contents and  even a key hook to easily locate your keys. 

Available from the BTR online store

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs (Paperback)

Greatest Cycling Climbs

If you're buying a gift for a cyclist who loves a challenge, well, need we say more? Simon Warren's pocket sized guide provides UK based cyclist with a list of the best (and some of the toughest) bike climbs the UK has to offer. Better still, it offers practical advice and guidance on how to beat these hill climbs. A perfect Christmas gift for that someone who likes a challenge... or 100 of them.  

Available from Waterstones


ReflecToes Ultra Reflective Gloves

Reflective Gloves

Can a cyclist ever have enough pairs of gloves; especially in this bitterly cold weather? Well, these super reflective gloves from ReflecToes are a great present for any cyclist. Their reflective technology works both at night and during the day, so that any cyclist can be clearly seen when making hand gestures or signals to other road users. Better still, they can be used with touch screens, and are super warm and comfortable too! 

Available from Gallivant


ReflecToes Lightweight Reflective Socks

ReflecToes Reflective Socks

Ok, so we get it... there's a cliche which accompanies gifting socks at Christmas (or any other time of the year for that matter). However, these socks are a great gift for a cyclist because of their reflective strips which illuminate the lower parts of their body. They also help give motorists an indication of the width they need to allow for safe passage. These socks are a perfect addition for the spring and summer months with their lightweight material, and for the fashion conscious, have a great, modern design which will work seamlessly with other cycling apparel.   

Available from Gallivant


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