Get ready for Winter rides

Get ready for Winter rides

Fight the cold and dark with some wonderful warm and delightfully light products.



As the nights draw in and the temperature drops out, it could be said that some of the fun goes out of cycling. Whether it's your cycle to work, your ride to school or a cheeky little jaunt at the weekend... it's chilly.

But we’ll hear none of it!

Luckily for you we work with some amazing brands who have created all manner of winter warmers and night time brighteners. So we have made a winter collection just for you. Here are a few that we have picked out which will work equally as well for your ride the winter as they do as gifts for Christmas. 


// Glow 

Glow has one of the most brilliant brand stories. Their real point of difference is that they create fashionable clothing that is truly reflective. Their super soft snoods and hats woven with reflective yarn are not only warm but super stylish as well. And the really great bit is that they train and employ underprivileged women to make all their items right here in the UK. 



// Cycl 

Cycl make stuff for commuters. Their winglight bicycle indicators are the stuff of legend. Pop them in to the end of your handlebars and with nothing more than a little tap they blink brightly to let traffic both on coming and behind know where you're turning. Their Mag 360s even have front facing white and rear facing Red lights for a fantastic all in one solution to cycling in the dark. They also do ultra lightweight anti pollution masks.


// Reflectoes 

As we all know, lights alone aren't enough to ensure you're seen in the dark. ReflecToes know the power of the reflective and Ben, the founder, realised that the combination of movement and reflection is the real winning partnership. So he invented the first ReflecToes Sock. The idea being a super comfortable reinforced cycling sock with the added benefit of making you more seen than ever before. Their range now includes warm winter gloves and hyper reflective vests.


// BikeParka 

The concept of BikeParka was a simple one. Greg wanted to create a bike cover that would fit snugly to the bicycle, keep all manner of London rain, mud and muck off the bicycle. It should also be locked to your bicycle and stowed neatly away. He did that and happened to make them achingly cool as well. BikeParka went on to create a range of backpack covers as well as foldaway bags. The covers are particularly useful at this time of year as they mean that you can continue to use your favourite backpack even if it's not waterproof and it's hooning down a gail.


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