Join the Kid Commuter cycle train to school

Join the Kid Commuter cycle train to school

Jump on the cycle train to school


We want all children to cycle to school and become kid commuters.

We understand that not all parents feel they have the experience, confidence or know how to cycle with their children to school. Don’t be embarrassed or put off by this... join the Kid Commuter cycle train. 



The idea of Kid Commuter is that by creating a local cycle train (a large group of people cycling together with 2 or 3 team leaders and lots of hi viz), finding the safest route possible and teaching cycling proficiency on the go, you and your child can enjoy riding to and from school. .

Like the Dutch - Cycling to school is just what you do!


At Gallivant we believe that everyone should cycle more often. There are so many reasons for this, but right up there as the most important are the health and mental health benefits. 

First up, cycling gets the blood pumping round the body and cycling to school is low impact - which means it’s exercise that doesn’t hurt bones and joints. Cycling also fits our daily lifestyle better than almost any other exercise as it doubles as transport. With around 1 in 5 school age children suffering from obesity in England, it’s worth noting that cycling to school makes children 30% more likely to reach the recommended daily level of exercise.

From a mental health perspective, exercise releases endorphins in the body and endorphins confident cyclists can experience a relaxing ride to and from school with their friends and piers which allows them to prepare for the day ahead on the way in and unwind from the school day on the home; all of which makes a huge difference to their wellbeing. The Roman realised that a healthy body went a long way to a healthy mind - It was the Roman poet Juvenal who wrote the famous line ‘mens sana in corpore sano’.


So if your child is of junior school age then why not join your local cycle train to school with Kid Commuter. 


Bernards Heath Junior School cycle train:
Join our first cycle train which starts from Marshals Drive St Albans and follows a simple, winding route to Bernards Heath Junior School

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Here's our rather snazzy route map for the Bernards Heath Junior School Kid Commuter train

Want a cycle train for your school?
Let us know if you are interested in a Kid Commuter cycle train for your school here