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Bikeability is the new way to ensure you are road safe.



More people than ever in the UK are taking to two wheels. There are right ways and wrong ways to cycle and whilst we encourage everyone to jump on two wheels and start pedaling, we want you to be safe as well as enjoy it. And the Bikeability organisation feels the exact same way. 

Bikeability sets the standard for training up and down the country

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// So what is Bikeability?

Underpinned by the National Standard for cycle training; a government-recognised set of principles, Bikeability is an improved, updated and more relevant version of the old cycling proficiency scheme, delivered by professional instructors.

Actually the real question is what is the National Standard for Cycle Training. It's a statement of competent cycling and cycling instruction. It sets out the skills and understanding needed to cycle safely and responsibly and to enable others to cycle.

The standard provides the basis for Bikeability and a range of adult and child cycle training programs.


// It's more than just a nerd with a bicycle!

The National Standard aligns with established national standards, including the national standards for driving and riding mopeds and motorcycles that underpin driver and rider training. This is important because alignment with these standards provides a platform for communicating the National Standard to other road users, and encouraging better shared road use.

The National Standard is a holistic statement of cycling competence for all people, embracing all abilities; who ride any type of cycle; everywhere cycling is permitted; in all weather and traffic conditions and at any time of the day or night.
The National Standard promotes the use of systematic routines. In all cases this involves independent decision making when performing the core functions that underpin safe and responsible cycling: Making good and frequent observations communicating intentions clearly to other road users; choosing and maintaining the most suitable riding and road use particularly at junctions.

So if you're keen to cycle to work, or for your kids to cycle to school, book yourself onto a bikeability course right now. Go on. Right now!


More here: https://bikeability.org.uk/

Find a local course: https://bikeability.org.uk/find-a-course/


🗳This piece was mostly written by the guys at Bikeability and the picture is from their website, so thanks to them for the content: https://bikeability.org.uk/cycle-more/further-information/