Our Favourite Family Rides

Our Favourite Family Rides

The Alban Way, St Albans


Or Route 61 to give it it’s official, and slightly american motorway sounding, is a great route for families fancying a pootle on a bicycle.

There are multiple start and finish points - and lots of great family friendly pubs along the route. Fun Fact: There are more pubs per square mile in St Albans than any other city in the UK.

It is a trail of approximately 6.5 miles for cyclists and walkers along the former railway line between St Albans and Hatfield. It is an important link in the local sustainable transport network and forms part of Route 61 of the National Cycle Network.

It can be joined at a number of access points, including Highfield Park (Fleetville, St Albans), Ellenbrook Lane (Hatfield) along its length.

The Alban Way doesn’t just serve as a transport route for people, but also as a green corridor for plants and animals so you will find places to stop along the way for the kids (and you) to have a rest and channel your inner David Attenborough, as you wade through some flora and fauna.

There are some reads to cross and some of the route isn’t brilliantly sign posted so be prepared for some light orienteering as well (your phone’s map will get you back on track very quickly.

So if you’re Hertfordshire based, or are planning a trip to St Albans, bring the family bikes and get yourself down the Alban Way… maybe even treat yourself to a pub lunch along the way. After all, all that pedalling will earn you some good grub!

Our favourite is The Three Horseshoes: https://www.vintageinn.co.uk/restaurants/east/thethreehorseshoesstalbans

But be careful about cycling too late as the Albans way is not a lit cycle path. As this piece in The Herts Advertiser, St Albans’ local rag points out (look how miffed Philip is whit the whole ordeal): https://www.hertsad.co.uk/news/why-is-alban-way-in-st-albans-not-lit-street-lights-1-5313702

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