Winning small is the big win

Winning small is the big win

Set yourself goals you can achieve to create great memories



Achieving something means not failing. But a big goal often ends up with failure. We only have one life, and we think that life is better spent riding a bike than jumping on a train or sitting on your bum. If you don't know why that is, then your first goal is to discover your own reason to cycle.


So let's call this, How not to fail: A step, a goal, a challenge you know you can win.

Our brains are funny things. There is the bit that we hear – the conscious bit -  and then there is the naughty bit. The naughty bit is really the boss. The bit that tells you it's too hard. Or maybe next month when it's not so cold. So we have to beat the boss.

Creating good memories is part of feeding the naughty bit. Giving it the fuel to make decisions we want. I actually started logging my rides. Not to show off, but to create my diary. My little personal library of rides. Little names that remind me of little stories.

The sunrise that was greeny colour instead of orange.

The white van man who waved friendly like. 

The street in London that smelt like the inside of a weed factory - maybe!


The road less traveled. By you 

You need to give yourself wins. Wins create positive memories and fun stories. These recurring wins are a way to get the naughty bit of your brain to work in your favour.

The good part of your brain needs organisation and planning. It likes that. After all, humans all have a little bit of OCD in us (I bet you always put the cushions on your sofa in the same place).


So come up with all the reasons to ride your bike - here are some starters for 10:.


  • Weekly top-up shop. 
  • Getting to the station to commute. 
  • Commuting straight to work. 
  • Family cycle ride. 
  • Two wheeled pub crawl 
  • School run 
  • Trip to the gym class 
  • Social visit to a friends 
  • A hill you haven’t climbed in one go 
  • A little longer route 

Hopefully, you have found some, if not lots of reasons to grab those little wins. Now you need a plan of attack. Pack your backpack. Lay your helmet, lights and gloves out on the table. Put your bike in the hallway over night.

Win at least once, every day. In a few months you will look back and realise you are now winning BIG.

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