Cambridge Chamois Cream

Cambridge Chamois Cream was created by Narynda Kumar whose expertise in natural skincare has meant her version of chamois cream is totally unique. Her skincare journey began when she cured her stress induced dermatitis naturally, going so far as to jeep her own bees. Now those bees provide ingredients for her chamois creams

10ML. 10ML is all the Cambridge Chamois Cream you need to take away with you on your cycling holiday to prevent the chafing that could, quite frankly, ruin the whole trip! Anyone that owns a road bike and has used it to cycle more than a few hours will know that chafage can occur. Cambridge Chamois Cream is an organic, smooth, long lasting and, most importantly, anti chafing solution.
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Anyone that owns a road bike and has used it to cycle more than a few hours will know that chafage can occur. If you are thinking about a long jaunt, you should know that chafing down "there" can be rather uncomfortable. To combat said chafing, use Cambridge Chamois Cream as a smooth, natural, long lasting, anti chafing solution.
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Our Story

Cambridge Chamois Cream from Cambridge

Chamois challenge accepted!

Sitting at her natural skincare stall Narynda Kumar was challenged by a local cyclist to make a natural chamois cream that was less gunky and lasted longer than current versions. Narynda set out to find the optimum ingredients and after months of feedback from local cyclists she created the perfect blend.

Their biggest challenge has been building their brand while communicating a commitment to honest intentions and eco-friendly company ethics. And their biggest achievement? Receiving 10/10 and a Gold Award from BikesEtc last year.

Striving for environmental consciousness

Cambridge want to create the best anti-chafe cream out there! And in doing so, they only use Soil Association accredited ingredients that are of the highest quality, natural, organic and sustainably sourced. This all helps to create a product so rich that you only need a small amount, meaning the cream lasts ages and in turn reduces waste.

They strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible from the recyclable aluminium tins they use, right through to recycling and energy management in their office and in their own words “we want to work with companies who feel the same way”

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