The Winglights creators are on a mission: Safer cycling for all. They want to stop dangerous overtaking with a single tap. So they created high quality indicators that magnetically attach to the handlebar ends of your bicycle. Easy to install and use, the flash can be seen from all angles and at any time of the day.

High quality, Aluminium, detachable, LED bicycle bar end indicators which also have steady Red rear facing and White forward facing lights. That means even better "on the road" visibility and safety
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We love these ingenious little bar end indicators are really high quality, Aluminium and detachable. The super bright LED lights provide greater visibility and safety when turning. Absolutely brilliant for commuter riders, and great for school kid commuter
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As the nights get longer and the temperature drops away, you may find your face freezing over. This adjustable snood from the clever clogs at Cycl won't just keep your face warm, but it's also a barrier against 99% of the pollution and UV you cycle through.
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High quality, low cost, LED bicycle bar end indicators with soft touch - great for casual commuter riders and school commuter kids giving added safety and visibility when turning corners.
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Our Story

An eye-opening London cycle ride

Whilst exploring London on our bicycles, we noticed how unsafe and uncomfortable it was riding on the main roads. Heavy goods vehicles like lorries and trucks gave us little consideration and unfortunately in the case of an accident it would have been us riders that would have ended up paying a higher price. After looking into the statistics, we found that around 75% of all cycling accidents occurred at junctions and major turns and so we made it our mission to make cycling safer for riders all over the world by ensuring they are seen.

Solving a dangerous problem

We created an innovative solution to this lack of visibility. WingLights. These indicators magnetically attach to the end of the handlebars of cyclist’s intentions, hopefully putting an end to dangerous overtaking. We are continuing to add to our range of award-winning direction indicators to create a solution no matter what our customers' reason for cycling or budget. We hope to continue to keep cycling a part of people’s lifestyles by making them visible no matter what the conditions.

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