Dry Patch

Dry Patch focus on creating lifestyle based, innovative and unique premium products for people who commute on 2 wheels. Their range of accessories and bags are designed to keep you and your stuff dry on your ride. They believe that jumping on a bicycle should be your first choice for getting to and from work.

When you most need some emergency storage, this 18 litre backpack will unfold like a contortionist superhero to save the day. Strong, Waterproof and ultra reflective!
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A stylish, simple, safe and totally effective solution to preventing a soggy bottom, which, lets face it, as bike riders, is something we have all had to endure. Just pop this beautifully crafted "second seat" on a wet or filthy seat to prevent your bottom becoming the same!
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We all love a duffle bag right? Well this stylish, innovative and weatherproof duffle turns into an ultra reflective backpack - designed especially for cyclists.
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A simple, stylish and warm limited edition thermal bobble hat designed to warm the coolest of heads.
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Our Story

We want 2 wheels to be the first choice

We started Dry Patch to make fashionable, functional kit for commuters on 2 wheels, designed to fit lifestyles of people like us. We're not Tour de France wannabes or Lycra clad weekend warriors. But we do ride to and from work and we do love the freedom of 2 wheels. We don't think people who ride should be defined by our choice of transport. We choose 2 wheels because it fits our lifestyle. So we started by asking the question "what do urban commuters on 2 wheels need, and what do they want it to look like?".

We started at the bottom and worked our way up. Literally!

We started small, designing something beautiful to prevent one of the 3 curses of cycling - getting a wet bum. The reason Dry Patch exists is to create an interesting, innovative brand of kit for urban commuters on 2 wheels that encourages city dwelling professionals to get to and from work on 2 wheels. We're all ears: Whilst we have lots of products in the pipeline, we want to learn as much as possible about what commuters want, what they want it to look like and what materials are the best for the job.

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