Hocus use alchemy to filter premium spirits into their two parts: their unique essence profile and their alcohol. The profile of all the spirits you could want are encapsulated in little ampoules. It's then up to you make the spirit of your choice by simply combining the base with the spirit essence of your choice. Your bar. One bottle. Magic.

Sometimes you want a nice glass of something yummy after a ride. But what to drink? Hocus is an award-winning new British luxury spirit brand that allows you can to choose from a fully stocked bar, from one bottle. Magic!

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An award winning bottle

Hocus is an award-winning new British luxury spirit brand. From one bottle, you can enjoy a fully stocked bar!! The idea was inspired by alchemy and his intention was to turn convention on it's head. And after 10 years of research and development (and a few sore heads we'd imagine) Mark worked out how to filter alcohol in to two parts which they call deconstructive ethnology. And so the dream became a reality. Mark could now offer many drinks from one bottle!

Magic, bottled in Bristol

Blended and bottled by hand in the bicycle mad city of Bristol, Hocus filters premium spirits into their two parts so you can enjoy many different spirits all from one bottle and a selection of their ampoules. You mix an ampoule of say, Dark Rum with a measure from the Hocus bottle in the provided wooden jigger, add the necessary accoutrements and hey presto, you have added a drop of magic to serving drinks at home.

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