Hövding was born in Sweden and is the world's first airbag for cyclists. Using super advanced sensors, Hövding knows the cyclist's motion pattern and reacts when it detects an accident in progress. The unique airbag then blows up to create a hood that fixes your neck and gives you the world's best shock absorption.

Hövding is the world’s first airbag for urban cyclists. Through super advanced sensors and unique algorithm Hövding detects the cyclist’s movement patterns. When it detects an accident in progress it inflates in 0.1 seconds. The airbag inflates to cover your head and isolate your neck to provide you with the best protection on the market.
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Our Story

Swedish law. 2 students. A new helmet concept

The idea for an airbag helmet first came in Sweden in 2005 when a law was passed that said all children up to 15 had to wear helmets, which sparked the debate of whether adults should too. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, students in industrial design, decided to design a helmet that people would "want" to wear. Their masters thesis resulted in the concept for an airbag helmet.


The unique and innovative design created quite a stir, and in 2006 Hövding Sweden AB was set up. But it took 7 years of hard work, amazing design and remarkable perseverance to turn the concept into the approved and certified product we have now with over 150,000 units sold.

Impossible drives us forward

We believe the world will become a better place if more people choose to cycle – for inner city environment, health and climate reasons. So now it has now been proven, by tests conducted by Stanford university in 2016, that Hövding provides up to eight times better protection compared to traditional bicycle helmets we couldn't be happier.

People said it would be impossible to design an airbag this way; That it’s impossible to understand the movements of a cyclist and detect accidents. At Hövding, we consider cyclists to be everyday heroes and we see it as our mission to keep them safe. We are very proud of the fact that over the years Hövding has protected more than 3500 cyclists in accidents. Doing what seems impossible is what drives us forward.

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