ReflecToes create ultra-reflective products using reflective technology that makes you instantly distinguishable to drivers, allowing you to cycle safely at any hour of the day. Their products are perfect for commuters and anyone concerned about low light visibility on a bike.

High performance socks that keep you comfortable, safe and seen
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Lightweight and durable vest jacket designed with intelligent stretch fabric and biomotion technology... It's a super reflective waterproof vest. Ace!
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These gloves are absurdly reflective, even in the day due to rather clever UV reflection technology. They are also delightfully warm and you can use your phone with them. Nice!
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Clip these super useful tiny LED lights anywhere about your person and use BioMotion to become instantly more visible at night.
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Shed loads (235) of oval shaped ultra bright reflective stickers to make anything reflective. Great for commuters and kids and really anyone that wants to be seen and safe on their bicycle
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These illuminating little ultra bright 150 Hex Reflective Stickers will make anything reflective. Helmet, bike, bag, wrist watch, even you lunch box! And the hex shape means you can build your own joining patterns... fun and reflective.
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Our Story

Ben O'Brien tells us the ReflecToes story

I started ReflecToes in 2016 after feeling vulnerable during my bicycle commute in the dark in Montreal, Canada. As a driver I realized that moving pedal/spoke reflectors caught my eye sooner and conveyed more information than a stationary light allowing me to drive more cautiously around cyclists. I have put a lot of time into the science behind the motion vs visibility and I wanted to broadcast my motion 360 degrees to help drivers see me and thought socks would be the perfect solution - so I started ReflecToes.

Highlighting cyclists by highlighting their motion

We help cyclists be seen in traffic by highlighting the natural motion of cycling with the most advanced reflective technology on the most comfortable gear. ReflecToes strives to keep cyclists safe by providing the visibility they need at an affordable price.

We have now expanded our team and product line with all kinds of reflective motion based products including gloves, two different sticker variations a windbreaker vest top.... But our black reflective socks are still the best sellers!

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