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TiGr® Lock make the most beautiful, minimalist, lightweight locks that are also incredibly strong. Each lock is hand crafted in New Jersey, USA. The family have a history of designing innovative security and having turned their attention to bicycles, they have achieved created something totally unique and totally brilliant

The TiGr mini is probably the coolest, lightest, strongest, most hand crafted lock in the world. Weighing in at just 400 grams this Titanium lock is designed and hand built in New Jersey, USA by a family who have specialised in innovative security design for decades. They loved bicycles so much they decided to turn their skills to bike locks. it comes straight from the USA, so please expect a longer delivery time.
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The TiGr mini+ is hand crafted (in New Jersey, USA), ridiculously lightweight (450 grams), incredibly strong (it's made of Titanium) and extremely beautiful (we've never seen another lock like it). This innovative U-lock is absolutely brilliant. Please bear in mind it’s coming from America so will take a little longer to arrive.
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Our Story

Adding more steel doesn't make a better lock

TiGr Locks is a family business; it's made up of three guys, Bob, John and Jim Loughlin, who love their bicycles. Like all of us who ride, they suffered at the hands of those that would seek to steal their pride and joy. But these guys decided they weren't happy with the options available to them. Being experts in innovative security design, they new that more steel made for a heavier, more cumbersome lock. Why not use a lightweight powerful metal.... like Titanium? So they developed their designs with the same passion for for protecting their bikes as they have for riding them.

Hand crafted in the USA

The Loughlin family are based in a place called Lebanon, New Jersey. They spent some time taking their ideas to the traditional lock manufacturers in the States, but they got tired of knocking on doors and meeting narrow minds. As a result they decided to go straight to market themselves and had a very successful Kickstarter campaign. All the locks are still hand crafted at their workshop. They have a pretty simple aim - as Jim told us, "We want to help people use their bikes more often by making it easier to bring a good lock along for the ride".

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