Tube Strap

The clever sausages at Tube Strap have strap line they live by: Banish the bag! So they created the tube straps. These ingenious little straps are superbly simple, very versatile and seriously secure. They are a smart method for adding additional space to your bicycle by attaching "things" direct to parts of the frame rather than shoving everything into a bag

This little straps of genius are called Tube Straps. A super simple, ridiculously versatile and incredibly secure method for adding additional ‘space’, by carrying stuff attached to your bike
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Tube Strap Product

This is the story of Tube Strap

The story of the Tube Strap takes us back to 2010, on the start line of L'Etape. Mark, the creator of Tube Strap, noticed he was virtually alone in his use of a saddle bag amongst the other cyclists in his starting grid, and questioned why. After an experience where his saddle bag even rubbed some paint off the seat post of his new bike, Mark knew he had to 'banish the bag' and Tube Strap was born. 

It's not all about the tube...

Mark did some prototype testing across the Himalayas by fixing inner tubes to his bike with hook and loop cable fasteners. The prototypes held up well through his rigorous, month long testing through this treacherous terrain and Mark knew he was onto something. If he was having this problem, surely other cyclists were too? Since then, the incredibly versatile little tool has been refined in design and gained increasing success. 

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