Vel-Oh bicycle bags are simply brilliant. They are designed and hand made by the husband and wife team of Zulfi and Greta Moon. Their bags for the bicycle commuter are all about style, form and function. Becuase their products are handmade by the pair in their studio in Ireland, you can be sure of getting something completely unique.

The Vel-Oh Greypack is what you might call the ultimate flop top backpack for cycling commuters. Grey and tan is a timeless colour combo and this waxed cotton beauty will work for any cyclist looking for a great looking, hard wearing, generously sized, water resistant backpack.
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The Blackpack is a handmade classic backpack re-imagined by Vel-Oh. It is designed especially for bicycle commuters: it's made using waxed cotton, looks fantastic, is generously sized and water resistant. What's not to like.
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The Vel-Oh Day Bag is a handmade, stylish, wax coated messenger bag that's perfect for a day out around town. It's large enough to carry a day's worth of supplies, a 15 inch laptop of, a gym kit or your cheeky lunch time shopping spree.
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Also known as the Musette 2.0, this gorgeously crafted, wax coated bag is perfect for... nipping out. Whether you are having a catch up over coffee or fancy a sup-son of shopping, this hand made bag is perfect for a little bicycle based travel.
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Our Story

A husband and wife with bags in common!

Why did we start Vel-Oh? Why does anybody start a business? to make life as hard as possible for themselves.... It actually all started with Zulfi and I getting cheap old bikes to cycle to work - mostly to save time and money on our daily commute. After months of wearing cotton totebags that would get soaked or ugly backpacks we decided to make a bag for ourselves that we wouldn’t have to hide under our desk. A bag "we" would be proud of. So after a few sketches on a napkin in the pub we entered a 24 hour sewing marathon and finished our first prototype. The idea was just to make ourselves a bag each but we enjoyed the whole process too much to end it there. That was the night Vel-Oh was started.

Impossible drives us forward

When we started every issue seemed like climbing it’s a small mount Everest, but the excitement always tipped the scales to the other side. But if we had to point at one thing, It would have to be marketing. We have always found it extremely difficult and still struggle to get Vel-Oh "out there". It a question of how do we get people to see our brand, vision and products the way we do.


As a company our vision is to stay small & sustainable and keep creating. As humans we can’t quite put a finger on what starts the fire in our belly. It can be a roll of yellow fabric, a custom bag order, a new leather tool. It’s mostly the small things that give us that spark.

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