Let us start by telling you who we're not.

We're not Lycra clad weekend warriors. We're not hard core cyclists with top of the range 73 geared hybrid carbon fibre flexi bikes. We're Chris and Ben: just a couple of of guys who like to ride bicycles and stuff that makes riding more better, easier or more fun!

But enough about us. You're probably more curious as to why Gallivant exists. Well then, please read on.


go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure

Pedal Speed

We started Gallivant because of a very simple idea - Pedal Speed.

We believe life is better when we go at Pedal Speed.

We all need a break from notifications, those work emails where people want to have an entire conversation by email….when they sit opposite you. A break from the endless workout of our thumb scrolling through an infinite amount of noise. Pedal Speed is the antidote to everything else in life clamouring for our attention.

At Pedal Speed the world is different. You spot architecture and landscapes you miss as an angry impatient car driver. You find wonderful routes to work you never even knew existed.

Pedal Speed is getting to work in just the right mood, on time and with the blood flowing... and to have avoided the crush on the station platform.

Pedal Speed is where you take a route because it looks good. It’s when you notice the pub down that leafy lane that was right under your nose.

Pedal Speed is just the right speed for the whole family. Time to get out of the house – creating shared moments and memories.

Pedal Speed can even be the choice you make on how to keep fit – but without the ghastliness of gyms. That route is your next circuit, that ride is your next cross-training session. And that hill....

And so, with Pedal Speed on our mind, we wanted to create something that would enrich the world of two wheels and inspire more people to cycle more often.

Inspirational Creations

We knew we couldn't inspire everyone all on our own, so we decided to build a community that brings together people who want to cycle more with people who have dedicated their time to making products for the cycling world.

We want to introduce you to businesses that you never see because they are far too fantastic to be found in the big retailers.

Small businesses that understand that cycling isn’t all about bikes – it’s about what you do with them and how you feel when you are on them.

They are purveyors of amazing creations and makers of tremendous things that will help get you on your bike, personailse your ride and smile.

We all need a push sometimes

We know that sometimes even when you want to go for a ride, you just need a little bit of a push to get on your bike. It's hard to know where to go or what's on that's right for you or your family.

So we are scouring the country to bring you things to do, routes to take, inspirational stories and a cornucopia of ways and reasons to cycle all in one place. That are right for your kind of ride.

So - there we are. We hope our reason for existing is something that you can relate to and we hope that you will join us on our journey.

In fact, we feel so strongly about what we are doing that we are putting our money where our mouth is - our big mission: A Road More Travelled aiming to rid the UK of every pothole. But more of that here.

It all starts with a bicycle. We hope Gallivant gives you more possibilities and more opportunities to roam far on yours.

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